710 Exam Examples


Read the instructions at the top of the sheet you are given. Basically, this is a test in alphabetization. Ex:
1.        Longo, James J.
A. 
Normand, Bob
B. 
Right, Bernice
C. 
Savosik, Ronald
D. 
VanSant, Xavier
E. 


Read the directions on the page. This is for comparative recognition. Ex:
A. if ALL THREE names, addresses, or codes are exactly ALIKE
B. if only the FIRST and SECOND names, addresses, or codes are exactly ALIKE
C. if only the FIRST and THIRD names, addresses, or codes are exactly ALIKE
D. if only the SECOND and THIRD names, addresses, or codes are exactly ALIKE
E. if ALL THREE names, addresses, or codes are DIFFERENT
1. George Davis                        George Davis                       George Davis
2. Roberto Clementa                 Roberto Clemento                Roberta Clementa
3. 234-P0-56W                          234-P0-56W                        244-P0-56W


Read the instructions on the top of the page. This is to check your recognition of misspelled words, and words
that are spelled correctly. Ex:
1.     A. Disability
     B. Disabily
     C. Dsability
     D. Disabilety

Math Computation
1.        25% of 20
2.        5% of 80
3.        $34 + 6% sales tax

 Following Instructions:
1. Below are 5 letter number combinations. Write the letter number combination that is in the 3rd position from
the left on the line. ___ ___

                                                     R3        Q1        S4        T5        P4

Grammar and Punctuation:

This will test your ability to proof your work and find any typos, grammatical and punctuation errors. EX:
1.     A. He should of responded to the letter by now.
     B. A response to the letter by end of week.
     C. The letter required his immediate response.
     D. A response by him to the letter is necessary.

                                                     Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

They start with Vocabulary, and then move on to Reading Comprehension. Ex:
1. The supervisor authorized the payment today.
     A. wanted        C. refunded
     B. approved        D. took

2. “Window clerks work in Post offices all over our nation. A large part of their job is direct financial responsibility
for the selling of postage. They are also expected to have a thorough knowledge of the acceptability of all
material and services offered to customers for mailings. Any information supplied to the customer by the window
clerks must therefore be accurate.” The paragraph that best supports the statement that Window Clerks
A. must account for the stamps issued to them for sale
B. have had training in other postal jobs
C. must deliver the mail in a timely manner
D. inspect package contents that are mailed