955 Exam

1) The number 6-32 means what to a screw or a bolt?
a) 6mm, 32 threads per inch
b) 6 threads per inch and 32mm long
c) number 6 with 32 threads per inch
d) None of the above

2) Which part of a hydraulic system has more pressure?
b) Pump output
c) Pump input
d) All parts are the same

3)What is EP grease best used for?
a) low temp low speed
b) low temp high speed
c) high temp low speed
d) high temp high speed

4) Determine which of the figures on the right match the pieces on the left.

5) 2 pipes with beveled edges are to be welded. What is the first weld called?
a) 1st pass
b) Stringer
c) Tack
d) Alignment weld

6) Why is after heating used for a weld?
a) To relax the constriction of the filler
b) To re-solidify the materials
c) To increase the flux
d) To re-bend and shape a pipe

7)Which component can assist in a “safe stop” in the event of a power outage in a pneumatic          
a) Accumulator
b) Pressure relief valve
c) Pump housing
d) Regulator
The 955 Exam is used to test for Electronics Technician, MPE Mechanic and
Building maintenance positions. This test replaces the 931, 932 and 933
positions. These are some of the questions from the 955 postal exam.