Free Civil Service Practice Exam

1. What type of heat does 32° ice exhibit when it melts to 32° water?
a) None
b) Celsius
c) Sensible
d) Latent

2.  What are the 2 main types of boilers?
a) Fire tube and water tube
b) Oil and Gas
c) Natural and Propane
d) Natural draft and Forced draft

3.  What type of heat is exhibited if 50° water is heated to 70° water?
a) Non-sensible
b) Latent
c) Sensible
d) Dormant

4.  What color is the return wire of 110VAC?
a) Black
b) Red
c) Green
d) White

5. In Figure 4 if the settings are 5V/div and 5ms what is the voltage of the signal?
a) 15ms
b) 15V
c) 5V
d) 5ms

6. What type of waveform is Figure 4?
a) Saw tooth wave
b) Sinusoidal wave
c) Square wave
d) Pulsating wave

7. Referring to Figure 6, what would the output wave look like?

8.Convert              to decimal
a) 21810
b) 21010
c) 23410
d) 32210

9. In WYE 480VAC each leg to neutral is equal to how many volts?
a) 480VAC
b) 360VAC
c) 277VAC
d) 120VAC

10.  The number 6-32 means what to a screw or a bolt?
 a) 6mm, 32 threads per inch
 b) 6 threads per inch and 32mm long
 c) number 6 with 32 threads per inch
 d) None of the above

11. What is the raised part of a shaft called?
 a) Bearing
 b) Crown
 c) Shoulder
 d) Shelf

12.  What type of coupling is used in power supply transformers?
 a) Reactance
 b) Conductance
 c) Electrical
 d) Mutual Inductance

13. What kind of solder is not used on electronic circuitry?
 a) Rosin core
 b) Acid core
 c) Silver solder
 d) b and c

14.  What is the difference between oil and grease?
 a) Oil requires a reservoir
 b) Oil has lower viscosity
 c) Oil flows
 d) All of the above
These are some of the questions from a typical Civil Service technical exam